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Located in Waxhaw, NC I build custom handmade furniture, picture frames, candle holders, cutting boards, Lazy Susans, jewelry boxes, and much much more.   Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or specific requests.  I hand pick all the wood used on each project, focused on building beautiful functional art....
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Custom Work Samples

custom 1
Custom made built in cabinet cutting board, built to replace an existing worn out cutting board.  This board is made to the exact customer specifications and is made with Walnut and Maple.  The front of the cutting board is made from Red Oak to match existing cabinets.  This board was made and delivered in 2 weeks. VickiPennsylvania
This cutting board was built to exact specification, sitting inside and over an outdoor kitchen sink.  Robert sent a chalk outline of the sink along with a sample of counter top for color matching.  This board was delivered in 3 weeks, including. Robert California
custom 3
Walnut counter top made to order.  The top was treated with mineral oil and the bottom and sides are protected with food safe Watco Butcher Block Oil, which dries and protects from water damage long term. Frank New York
custom 4
This board was a variation of the 2 sided cutting board with 9" colander.  This board is made with Walnut and Hard Maple and is built the exact specifications for the customers sink. Beth North Carolina

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