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Welcome to MiDo Creations

MiDo Creations...  and daughter 

This is great, it has been over two years since I opened my shop, and what a great few years it has been.I just recently finished another great event at the Waxhaw Spring Fest, and it was great.  I met a lot of great people, and have some exciting work to do as a result.  As always, if there is something you see on the site, but would like it a little different, please let me know, I love doing custom cutting boards! 

New Ideas are coming in all the time, the latest are creating in the sink cutting boards.  I have recently made a few, working with the customer and getting a chalk outline of the sink, I can make a board that sits inside the sink, over the sink, or both.  check out my custom order page to see examples of some of the finished work. 

MiDo Creations is made up of two distinguished entities, MiDo Woodworking and MiDo Photography. Both entities focus on handcrafted functional art, work that you can display, or even use on a daily basis. In addition to the work listed here, I also volunteer my time to Matthews Playhouse in Matthews, NC, and the Charlotte Habitat for Humanity. I truly enjoy giving back to the community whenever I can.

MiDo Woodworking: As always, I continue to make handcrafted wood products, focused on wooden cutting boards, tea light candle holders, picture frames and custom furniture and much more. I also do build and design custom cutting boards, chopping blocks, candle holders and furniture.  These products are of the highest craftmanship and with proper care can last a lifetime.  In all of my products I use a vast amount of wood types including Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Bamboo, and exotic woods like Padauk and Purple Heart.  I proudly use Howard Butcher Block Conditioner on all our cutting boards, which help to prolong the life of your cutting boards.  Over the last year I have been busy helping at Matthews Playhouse build furniture for a few of their productions, including 7 beds for Diary of Anne Frank, A full size cherry wardrobe for Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and window frames for the Sound of Music.


Who We Are

Handcrafted Funtional Art....  Cutting Board and Candle Holder


I build custom handmade Furniture, Picture Frames, Candle Holders,

Cutting Boards, Boxes, and much much more.   Don't hesitate to contact

me with questions or specific requests.  I hand pick all the wood

used on each project, focused on building beautiful functional art....


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Sample Wood Types Used


Image of
























See All Wood Types Used...

Why Photography and Woodworking

How Different....

I have truly enjoyed both Woodworking and Photography.  I started this

company to share my work with others.  I have started in both

photography and woodworking over 25 years ago, and throughout the

years I shared my work with a limited number of people, this business

is my attempt to share with everyone.


Thanks for visiting....




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NEW - Gift Certificates



MiDo Creations is now offering Gift Certificates which are available in $25 increments and can be used for any in stock or custom made item. Perfect for a wedding presents, house warming presents, or simply a nice way to say "Thank You". 


Gift Certificates...

SALES - Woodworking


MiDo Creations has a limited number of Wood Craft items on sale.  As with all MiDo Creation products, shipping is always free.


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